FAQ: Leaderboards


They’re finally here! Whether you're pacing around the office, hiking a trail, or just doing your daily errands, we've got something that's about to make your step-tracking game even more rewarding. Get ready for Stepler Leaderboards—a new way to stack up your steps and your points against your friends and family. 🎉

Each leaderboard starts from the next day, and runs for 7 days, giving you a week to get out there and walk like you’ve never walked before! Make sure you open Stepler regularly to sync your latest steps, and keep an eye on the competition. No pressure, but you're gonna want to bring your A-game.

Leaderboards can have a maximum of 50 members, and you can join a maximum of 3 active leaderboards at once.

But of course it’s only a race when there’s a winner; let’s talk about earning those sweet, sweet points. Here's how it breaks down:

  • Under 4 members: We’ll call this a practice round.. bragging rights to the winner!.
  • 4+ members: Top stepper takes home 30 points—boom!
  • 5+ members: First place still gets 30, but second place also gets in on the action with 15 points.
  • 7+ members: It's a points bonanza! First, second, and third place score 30, 15, and 7 points, respectively.

Q1: How do Leaderboards work with dates?
A1: All leaderboards last for 7 days. Steps counted towards a leaderboard are those recorded between the start date (00:00) and the end date (23:59). Regardless of time zones, steps within this timeframe are included.

Q2: How frequently are Leaderboards refreshed?
A2: Leaderboards are updated frequently but not immediately. Hence, there might be a slight delay before your total step amount and rank are updated. This means you might temporarily see different step counts on your dashboard than on the leaderboard for a brief period of time. Rest assured, all your steps are collected, and a final ranking is calculated on the total amount of steps after a leaderboard closes.

Q3: Is there a limit to the number of participants on a leaderboard?
A3: Yes, each leaderboard can have a maximum of 50 participants.

Q4: How many leaderboards can a user have active at once?
A4: Users can have up to three active leaderboards simultaneously.

Q5: What is the duration of a leaderboard?
A5: Leaderboards run for a 7-day duration.

Q6: When can I start a leaderboard?
A6: You can set the start date for a leaderboard as early as tomorrow or up to one week from today.

Q7: How are points awarded on the leaderboards?
A7: The point breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 to 3 participants: No points
  • 4 participants: 30 points to the winner
  • 5 participants: 1st place - 30 points, 2nd place - 15 points
  • 7 or more participants: 1st place - 30 points, 2nd place - 15 points, 3rd place - 7 points

Q8: How can I claim my points?
A8: You can claim your points either in the dashboard or on the leaderboard result screen.

Q9: How often should I open the app to ensure my steps synchronize to the leaderboard?
A9: We recommend opening your app daily to ensure your latest steps are synced to the leaderboard. Steps not syncing for more than 10 minutes may indicate an issue that you should address.

Q10: Why do I see 0 steps when I first join a leaderboard?
A10: It's normal to see 0 steps when you first join a leaderboard. Leaderboards are regularly refreshed, and your steps will be counted as the competition progresses.

Once the leaderboard wraps up, you can claim your points right from your dashboard or directly from the leaderboard itself. Easy-peasy!

So, ready to step it up? Invite your pals or co-workers, lace up those shoes, and let's make this week's leaderboard one for the books!

Catch you on the leaderboard!

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team at:

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